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Now recruiting mechjocks

  • 3 hours
  • Bloemfontein

Service Description

Join the Gotenhafen Grenadieren, a Premiere Mercenary command in the Universe of Battletech! Experience Political Intrigue, contemporary military strategy and tactics, and BIG STOMPY MECHS dueling it out for honour and fortune among the stars. Not a fan of Battlemechs? What about piloting speedy AeroSpace Fighters, Commanding a vehicle crew, or coordinating an infantry offensive? The Grenadiers have a space for you! Featuring custom miniatures, both vehicle scale and personnel scale combat, and lots of personalized artwork for your custom characters. This is an in Depth, roleplay orientated group that allows you as much or as little crunch as you like, from budget spreadsheets and orgcharts to "I like to roll dice and see things explode"

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Bloemfontein, SouthAfrica

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